Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where We've Been...

A few weeks ago, we were up at our friends' home on the shore of Lake Michigan thoroughly enjoying our time and reluctant to head home. Our friends looked into the availability of another condo later in the summer, hoping we could come back again. (Their home wouldn't be available as they were in the process of moving...but oh-so-graciously allowed us to visit them in the first place!) Then we looked into various housing options. In the end, it was a no-go. The He family certainly did not need to spend nearly a month's salary on a condo, no matter how relaxing, for a third week of superfluous vacation. 

But then, the night before James went to see Dr. Gupta, our friends called to say that a brand-new (read: very pricey) condo had just opened up...because people had already paid but would no longer be able to we could have it if we wanted it.  For free.

We thought we might need to ask Dr. Gupta about that. But then, before we could ask him, he told us that we needed to take the week off and plan on chemo starting this coming week. When we told him about the possibility of vacation, he said that this was clearly from God and that we'd best do what God wanted. (So says the man who, we believe, is Hindu.)

So God gave us a week of vacation at the beach in a vacation rental we would never be able to afford. Among friends. With the doctor's blessing. Without us asking. For free. God is incredibly more kind than we deserve...

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