Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Email Update from the Beach

Dear friends and family - last Friday James had an MRI of his hip because of pain he has been experiencing for the past two weeks or so. We just got the results yesterday - James has metastatic cancer in his pelvis from lung cancer. This is a bit strange as cancer typically metastasizes when the initial site has not been controlled or "contained." Because of the recent great scans of James's chest, doctors were cautiously optimistic. At the same time, the last PET scan showed the possibility of cancer, so no one is completely surprised either. 

We are currently on vacation in North Carolina with friends of ours from Dali who are on furlough. Thus, we will see the oncologist next Wednesday at 10am where we will discuss treatment options. Radiation can only be used to treat pain, and at this point, thankfully, James's pain is being controlled with Aleve. James will need chemo, but different chemo than was used before. The doctor and his staff are currently researching clinical trials that James could qualify for. From what I have read, metastatic bone cancer is only "cured" in rare cases. 

We are asking you all for prayers. As I went to bed last night I was struck by how it's been nearly a year since our time in Bangkok - but oh, how my prayers have changed. Last year, I was certainly asking for my husband's health, but I was deeply mourning the loss of "my life" - our church, our ministry, our business, Lydia's school, our car, our house...I wanted God to fix things so I could have all that back. This year, I feel like I could live quite happily under a bridge if only God would be gracious enough to spare James's life.

We haven't told our girls yet - we will likely wait until we meet with the oncologist so that we can give them more information. They will deeply mourn - again - the loss of "their life" as the possibility of returning to China in the near future slips from their tiny hands...pray for them. 

Pray for James's family - and for how to communicate this news to them. James said that this will be a crushing blow, to his parents specifically. 

Because we're on vacation, emailing via the iPad on public (read: not so great) Internet - we are sure we have left people off this update unintentionally. Please forward this to people you know who will want to hear our news.

In the meantime, we are clinging to God, knowing that just as He has shown himself faithful in the past, so will He continue to do so. We throw ourselves on the mercy of God, who alone has the power to raise the dead. We have great hope that because of the greatness of our God, a diagnosis is not the same as the outcome. We are confident of His love, care, and provision for us. And we pray that we might endure and persevere in His strength, for His glory. 
2 Corinthians 1:8-11

Thank you for your loving care and prayers!

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