Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One Down, Eleven to Go...

James went in for his first dose of chemo today. Whether it felt more or less overwhelming than the first dose of chemo last year, I cannot say. Many aspects are less overwhelming, including knowing all the staff and knowing the kinds of questions to ask. James didn't have any major surgeries prior to today (unlike last fall when he had two), and in general, his health seems better than last fall. ("Other than a bit of cancer," as we keep telling people.)

On the other were are again. And this time, we know we are in for a long haul. So thankful that you are "long haul" kind of people! The cards we received in the mail today, the emails, and the texts are God's love pouring into our lives as just the right time. 

*We received the results from James's latest CT scan.  We were really glad to know that James's cancer is currently only in two spots - a lymph node in his chest, and a tumor in his pelvis. Thus far, no metastasis to other bones or internal organs.  "The sentence of death" (2 Corinthians 1:9) is still upon us...but maybe not coming as painfully or as quickly as it could. We know that no matter what, it is God alone who will save James's life, so yes, it is wonderful news that his body is not rife with cancer.  Two spots of stage 4 lung cancer are still incredibly lethal.

*The chemo drugs James is receiving are generally handled well by patients, and thus far James is no exception. We spent the afternoon walking around and doing some shopping. James is currently washing the dishes. His appetite has thus far not been affected, and he is not nauseous. There are heaps of potential side effects, so you can ask that God be gracious in that regard. 

*According to Dr. Gupta, now that James has a tumor in his bone, that bone will forever be affected and will never be completely healthy. The chemo can potentially destroy the tumor there, but again - apart from God's intervention - James will have permanent damage to his pelvis. [I did ask if that means James has to give up rugby and football...apparently yes. =) ] Yet, as one of our dear friends said, "Well, God can make bone."  So, we're not too worried about that (just another thing to pray for!).

*We had a wonderful, wonderful conversation with one of James's nurses - whom we didn't even know was a Christian - but has been through some significant, life-altering trials since we last saw her. We had a great time encouraging one another, reaffirming God's goodness and His plan, and testifying to evidence of His grace in our lives and the power of prayer. Probably the highlight of my day...

*Both James and I are pretty wiped out...pray for the gift restful sleep. 

THANK YOU for your prayers!  Just a while longer now... the full weight of your hopes on the grace that will be yours when Jesus Christ reveals himself...
~1Peter 1:13 (Phillips)


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