Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Power of Prayer

God promises in the book of James that the prayer of the righteous has "great power as it is working," simply meaning that so much can be accomplished through our prayers. To give glory to God and encouragement to you to keep on praying, we give testimony of what has been worked out through your prayers in just the last few days.

*James's hip pain has been greatly, greatly reduced.  Over a week ago he was hobbling around a bit like a cripple (sad, but true!).  Now he acts as though he's not in any pain at all.  

*James has talked to all his family members in China, and they are taking the news quite well.  None but his younger sister (who is the only other Christian in his family) knows or understands how serious his condition is, which we take as a blessing. They all feel confident that this next round of chemo will only bring healing. (We, of course, don't mind if the chemo fails, if only that will open up a path for God to work a miracle!) In the midst of this, James has once again been given opportunity to talk with his family concerning the Christian view of suffering, and how a good God can allow such pain in our lives. They are listening.

*James and I are walking this path at peace, with great faith. Truly, apart from God's Spirit, this is impossible. We should be in a constant state of mourning mixed with panic. We are sleeping through the night, and trusting God in the day. We are praying for a miracle, and trusting that God's intention toward us and our girls is only good, only love no.matter.what.

*This week I've been reminded to give thanks to God for His sustaining power in James's life. Last week we saw several friends of ours who either haven't seen James at all since his initial diagnosis, or hadn't seen him in a few months. They all remarked how healthy he looks. They were all shocked, actually, at the amount of muscle he has...and how he is basically just the opposite of what they expected a cancer patient to look like. God has been so gracious - "being strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might..."

Continue to pray for God to receive all the glory through this. Not to us, because we're so "good," nor to the doctors who are so skilled, nor the medicine which is so "great." But to God, who alone has power over life and death. Specifically, ask for miraculous healing, continued peace, opportunities to share our faith with those we come in contact with at the hospital/in life, and for our girls to see God at work in this. 

We love you all, and are so glad that God has granted that you walk this with us. You are a gift!

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