Monday, July 27, 2015

Keep Praying

Dear Friends - these past few days have been hard. Really hard. James is exhausted and is spending more and more time in bed. He has some other, less severe (but incredibly annoying) side effects of chemo - itchy skin and chronic hiccups - but the exhaustion is the most discouraging. It feels like he is dying because (as he said) he is not even always cognizant of what is going on. He's aware - but he's feeling like he's in a fog. 

So you need to pray. 

If this is the road that we are going to walk, we need to have God's strength to endure.  We are being pressed beyond our own ability to endure, and we have 3 more months of this lined up. I currently cannot even conceive of 11 more chemo treatments...I am only focusing on the next two (then a break). We can make two...I think. 

We need faith to believe that God is working - faith will give us eyes to see the unseen. Otherwise, we are only going to focus on what is seen - and that is an all-too-depressing place to live. 

And of course, pray for a miracle. James and I keep (trying) to remind each other that if God is truly going to get the glory for the miraculous, things are going to have to look really, really bleak medically. We don't know whether this is the story we get to be a part of, but we pray that it is. We know healing James is a very small thing for such a great God as ours...join us in asking for God's mercy. 

Thank you! We think of you often - your presence in our lives makes God's love tangible. He is using you speak to us when we need it most. Thank for allowing Him to use you to bless us!

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