Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thank You

Last night the girls and I went to our school's annual ice cream social - the kick off for the start of the new school year. We were able to meet their teachers, who are both incredibly caring, hard working women. Wow - what a blessing!

Sadly, we left James at home in bed....which was the second time in two days I was being called upon to play the part of single parent. Don't get me wrong - I take my kids places on my own all the time. But when there's no choice, when life foists it upon you...well, that has an entirely different feel to it. 

But then it's in these moments when life has you by the throat that grace has a chance to reveal itself. I might otherwise have missed the chance to relish in God's kindness, had life not pinned us to the mat. 

Because of cancer, I had the chance to tell Michaela's teacher about our lives, and I got to hear a bit of her story too. While other moms were asking about nap time (there isn't any), play time (there won't be much of that either), and how to safely get their child off the bus (try to remember a school isn't going to let 5 year olds wander the halls aimlessly), I got to hear about how God shapes a life through a broken back, a police-officer husband being shot (he survived), and God's plan in the provision of a new job as a kindergarten teacher. Perhaps few other circumstances would have allowed us to say (in a completely acceptable, we are not weirdos, hey it's nice to meet you kind of way) - we are Christians, and we're praying that God is gracious to us.

And then. And then, people...we returned home and as I rounded the corner of the driveway, my heart leaped to see James outside, shooting baskets. A small thing, but a huge thing. He was also out of the mental fog he'd been in, once again able to focus, talk, and interact with us.

Not an altogether bad way to end the day. 

So thank you for your prayers. They have great power as they are working.

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