Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  

We trust you are all having a great week.  Just a few things the He family is thankful for this year...

*We didn't buy turkey for $5 a pound this year.  A first for us in a few years. 

*On a related note, I'm thankful that my house is not cold enough to brine said turkey outside of the refrigerator.

*We are thankful that James seems to be improving every few days or so.  He slept for 8 hours without waking from coughing fits last night, a first in a long, long time. He said that once in the night he coughed a couple times, but not enough to really wake him, and he immediately returned to sleep.  Amazing.  Hopefully the first of many more to come...

*James has also been having weird sounds coming from his lungs. Like squeaks.  Or pinched wheezes. The last time we heard those sounds, it sounded to us like his lung reinflating.  (And then his lung did in fact reinflate.)  [And no, I will not tell you about how the doctor looked at us when we described what we were hearing.  But I think he might have been thinking something like, "All those years of school.  And I am still completely unprepared to deal with crazy people."] Whether or not that is what we are hearing, James is breathing deeper and easier. Maybe the sounds we are now hearing are tumors dying. 

*This last weekend we got an unexpected visit from some dear friends of ours. We went out to lunch and they took our picture. It's surprisingly good.  (Though James says he looks fat - thank you, Prednisone.)

*We are so thankful for all of you! For all of our American friends, we hope you get all of your old favorites this weekend and that you eat too many of them. Celebrate. Indulge. Take a nap. And in the midst of all the ruckus, give thanks. 


  1. That *is* a good photo! We appreciate the updates. Happy Thanksgiving!
    - Brett

  2. Love the picture! Praying for continued strength to face each day! You are my blessing!

  3. Love the family photo!