Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"This Adventure is About to Get Interesting..."

As James has said today, this adventure is about to get interesting. =)

We had several more doctors appointments today and were hoping to get a clear answer on where James should have surgery. Then we met with the doctors, and it became very clear what we need to do. James has been diagnosed with Stage 3a lung cancer. Surgery is actually not an option at this point, according to the doctors we are meeting with. James's best treatment option is a combination of chemo and radiation. We can be thankful that treatment is an option, even though it is not the treatment we expected or wanted.  (The surgeon drew a very fine line between where James is and where treatment stops. We can give thanks that we're on the right side of the line!)

We did receive some good news today - James's bones are free of cancer...his bone marrow looks great, which means he can handle the chemo. That was our last appointment today which was nice, since the previous three went from bad to worse. (I joked that we best stop seeing doctors, since each one told us something worse than the previous one!) Good to end on a high note. =)

James is in the process of getting all of his hospital records and will leave Thailand on Thursday morning. He will arrive in Indianapolis on Friday. I am leaving tomorrow, heading to Dali where I will pack up and pick up the girls. We are working on flights and hope to leave on Friday morning. 

I had a chance to skype briefly with the girls and as they were hugging each other, jumping up and down that I am coming home tomorrow...I then told them that when I got home we needed to pack up to go to America. Lydia said, "Oh, mom, thank you for planning a trip to America for us!" So they are excited. 

We don't yet have details regarding James's treatment plan, so it's hard to guess how long we will be in the States.  I am sure we are looking at months, anyway. We hope to start meeting with doctors next week (folks in Indy are working to track down a great thoracic oncologist & set up appointments). Treatment needs to start within the next two weeks.

I am sure your creative minds can think of many things to pray for regarding this whole situation, so I'll not write them out (and return to packing instead). Thank you for praying for us! 

We rest in the hands of our Savior and Father, who alone has the power to raise the dead.

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