Friday, September 26, 2014

Care Calendar - A Guest Post

This post is written by our dear sister in law, Mandy Horn, who is coordinating a lot of the care for us Hes. She wrote specifically with our church members in mind, but asked that I post it to the blog to include as many of our friends as possible. 

Thank you for continuing to pray for James and Kristen along with our family as they begin cancer treatment! I promised to pass along a care calendar once we had a better idea of what the next few weeks hold. While we are still waiting for James’ radiation appointments, we have put together some initial needs, mostly meals. We will continue to update the calendar as we better know the schedule. and enter 
the following information in the appropriate spaces:

    Calendar ID  :  193011
    Security code :  9557

Right now, we have meals set up for “the family” as a whole, which includes James and Kristen, Kristen and Steve’s parents, and Steve and myself. This allows all of us to more easily cover the other care needs (school, James’ appointments, child care, etc.) and rest on the heaviest schedule days (Mondays in particular). It would also be a blessing simply for us to get to eat and be together as a family. We know that is a lot of food…we have already had some families partner together to do a meal and that has worked out really well. For those uncomfortable cooking for a crowd, we are also easily able to use Costco or Meijer gift cards to pull together easy meals that don’t really require much on our part. Because we don’t live on the northside, we are happy to pick up meals or things at church so that you don’t have to get your passports to come visit us. J(Though it really is usually only about a 30 minute drive…)

Some of you have asked for ideas just on how to bless James and Kristen. Gift cards to Costco, Meijer, Target, Amazon, and Itunes are the easiest and allow them to get special treats for themselves or the girls. They would also love to hear from you and see you. As we settle into the schedule, they would love prearranged visits during some of their long hours at St. V's hospital.

Thank you so much for your continued support and love for our family. We greatly appreciate each of you.

Ever in His loving care,


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