Sunday, December 4, 2016

time for good news

Hello, friends...we thought as you're in the midst of the holiday season you might enjoy some good news.

James had a CT this week and as the doctors compared his last CT (done in May) to this CT, they noticed there was no change. That is, there is no progression of disease. Seven months, and no growth of cancer...despite the fact that lung cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers out there. We are elated.

And slightly confused. I actually said, "That's WEIRD, right, Dr. Einhorn?"

Dr. Einhorn's only explanation is that James is not a smoker.

So for now, James will continue as he is and will not take any medications or treatment for cancer. As it turned out, we did get the new cancer drug from Pfizer (in the mail...twelve thousand dollars worth of drugs dropped off on our porch, no less), but Dr. Einhorn asked that James not start taking it. As he explained, "I wouldn't actually be able to tell if it's working or not, since your cancer is not progressing."

James's next appointment is not until the middle of February, which is nearly an eternity in cancer world.

in other news...
*James had an absolutely fabulous trip back home. He was busy morning to night every day, and had countless opportunities to share with believers, unbelievers, and seekers. He even had the chance to enjoy a visit from an old classmate who flew in from Beijing for two days just for the chance to see him. Needless to say, James came home tired, but also deeply encouraged and strengthened by his time.

*The last two weeks we have had a full house, hosting James's father, siblings, and their wives. We have had Everything from a visit to Fair Oaks Farm to see commercial farming in America to Black Friday shopping, and everything in much really good Chinese food, killing chickens at my parents' farm (more than once!), celebrating Thanksgiving twice, our girls playing games with their aunts and rough housing with their uncle, lots of laughing, a leaking faucet, someone (me) forgetting to run the dishwasher, learning how to use American tech like a waffle iron and the garbage disposal, decorating the Christmas tree, bonfires, late nights, and more shopping.

Our family has truly loved their time here and have joked more than once about not wanting to leave. They do wish they could stay longer. We hope this will be the first of many trips...

Sadly, we'll be packing everything up today and heading home tomorrow morning. I will fly with them (I got my passport & visa back just this week) and will stay a week. I'm looking forward to lending a hand at the restaurant and hope I'll be an encouragement to our staff. I think everyone at home in Indy will be mildly depressed by what will feel like an empty house. It has been a very, very good last couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for your prayers...we believe God hears and answers...
~james and kristen

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  1. Love, love seeing this! Praise God for good news and his sustaining grace!