Monday, February 29, 2016

while you were out being awesome...

Hi Friends!

Sorry for the longish silence over here.

But silence is nice sometimes, right?

(You're welcome.)

Since I last wrote, James returned home just in time - before the real weeping and gnashing of teeth started among we He girls. Keeping everyone emotionally "up" when daddy is away is a full time job, let me tell you!

James came back with a respiratory bug which got knocked out with a z-pak. Last year at this time he had just returned from China and spent a week in the hospital with the flesh-eating bacteria. So we take this as a win. #grateful

He had an absolutely marvelous time back home. He spent oodles of time with his family, ate copious amounts of delicious food (sigh), and was able to strengthen local Christians with his testimony of God's amazing mercy. He also had the joy of seeing several locals decide to become J*followers for the first time. We are rejoicing!!

In terms of a health update....with the respiratory bug we did end up getting a bonus (unexpected) visit to see Dr. Einhorn, who said that James's lungs continue to look great (whew!), and that he'd like him to meet with their team pulmonologist this week. Apparently, there is the possibility of treating James's lungs with a laser, to correct the damage from radiation. Cool! (And crazy weird!!)

Please be remembering us this Wednesday as James has a PET scan. We are asking for a good scan that shows James to be disease free, and maybe some additional data on what is going on in his hip. He still has pain where there was cancer/not cancer. Dr. Einhorn feels strongly that the pain is musculoskeletal in nature, so I guess we'll find out! At least we hope so...

We will get the results of the scan on Wednesday, and we'll also meet with the pulmonologist guy with the cool laser. We are trusting that God will use this week as part of the restoration of James's health. May it be so.

Now I'm off!
Picking up the girls from school, enjoying some early SUNSHINE, homework, dinner, laundry, and all that.
Thanks so much!
~james & kristen

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