Wednesday, January 13, 2016

short and sweet

Hello again - just about to shake off some winter chill with a short run, but before I do here's a brief update on James.

He had his port out on Monday, and just as we all had prayed, he came out of anesthesia superbly. In fact, it was his best surgery recovery to date. Thank you, friends!

I had expected to get a chance to speak with the surgeon, and while he did give me an update on James post-surgery, it was only the briefest of conversations. He actually seemed like he had forgotten who we were. (I know! I was as shocked as you are!)  

On the other hand, I did get to talk at length with the surgery care coordinator about many things that God has done over this past year plus, starting with bringing me back to the surgery waiting room so soon...when there were definitely times I didn't even know if we'd ever be back. We continue to be in awe, and are so thankful when God gives us the chance to share with someone and we actually have the words to say that encourage, strengthen, or inspire. 

God has been so gracious, and we can testify that He has faithfully carried us every step of the way. Thanks for being here to cheer us on. 

Continue to pray for God's healing for James, for a continued reduction of his cough, for pain from surgery and this last year of cancer to subside, and for James to feel, well....WELL.

All for sure to check in later this week for other fun stuff like book recommendations and my new recipe faves from 2015. (Fingers crossed!)

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