Monday, December 7, 2015

where james gets "famous"

Last Friday we had the chance to speak to Jay, Dr. Einhorn's nurse, and got a small update on things over at IU. 

IU was able to procure samples from St. Vincent's...after a bit of wrangling professional reminding. (It went something like, "This patient is not getting chemo treatment while we wait on you!")  So, there was a bit of delay intially, but things are good now. 

Dr. Einhorn consulted with his partners who have all agreed it is good for James to stop treatment for now. (This made me laugh...I'm sure the other doctors are not slouches, but does anyone disagree with Dr. Larry?!)

Additionally, there's a team of thoracic cancer researchers at IU who have already been made aware of James's case. Their next meeting will be December 17th. James will be one of the patients they plan to discuss. ("Oooh! I'm getting famous!" James said.) They will be reviewing all the results and together will determine the best course of treatment. Jay said that sometimes one doctor sees it as a straightforward case, while another notices something that changes the equation. Pray for God's wisdom to be granted them!

In general, James is feeling much better these days sans chemo. He has been complaining lately of the inability to focus/concentrate when he reads. Pray that his mental acuity will return to him as the chemo works its way out of his body. He is sleeping better and is coughing less and less. Pray that God will completely heal and restore his lungs! I was remembering yesterday how last fall, even into November, James was able to run. Now, because of his lungs, he can't. We are continuing to trust God for great things, and are encouraged by your faith as well. Thank you!!  Have a great week...

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