Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Scope Results

It's been nearly a week since James's upper endoscopy. In the meantime, we hosted old friends of ours that we've known and ministered with for nearly fifteen years (!) and celebrated two family birthdays (complete with themed parties - woot!). There's been a lot of fun...and sugar...packed in to the last few days. 

Prior to James's endoscopy, the doctor told us that he really had no way of knowing the extent of damage to James's esophagus. Due to radiation, he expected James to have multiple ulcers up and down the length of his esophagus, and he expected his esophagus to need stretching as well.  Unfortunately, when your esophagus shrinks as a result of radiation, you don't get the normal one time fix. Instead, after your esophagus has been stretched, it is only a matter of months before it needs stretched again...and then will need to be stretched again..and again.  But, ever the compassionate doctor, he reassured James we'd just go in an have a look and go from there.

About twenty minutes later, James was wheeled back in to the pre-op hospital room with the doctor - who has only ever communicated deep sympathy to James for having to go through this whole ordeal - who now was emoting relieved happiness.  

As it turned out - James has very minimal damage to his esophagus at this point. Because of minimal scarring, he does not need to have his esophagus stretched (now or in the future). Furthermore, instead of multiple ulcers, he only has one.  One.  

Happy day.

So, James will keep on high doses of prilosec for the next two months or so, which will allow the ulcer to heal. Again, because of radiation, this type of ulcer has fairly extensive/deep tissue damage and can take up to 3 months to heal. Of course, we're praying that it will be faster than that. 

We remain thankful for all that God has healed James of thus far, and continue to trust that in time He will bring about complete healing.  James's PET/CT will be May 7th...continue to pray that it's a good looking, clean scan free of flesh eating bacteria and deadly tumors. 

Thanks for checking in with us...Have a great week! 


  1. Thankful for the progress and praying for scan results! God's faithfulness is dependable each day.
    Love, Aunt Lisa

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