Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Turning Point

hello dear friends...

we have had quite the past few days - long story short, james caught the flu which has given him some really high fevers...which was diagnosed as a "normal" flu (and not some whack-ball stuff from china) when the county health department came to our house...which then meant that james was not able to see his oncologist to get the results from his CT.  (the oncologist basically said, "you can't come here. you're too sick.")


so today, while we wiled away the hours at the urgent care (apparently they turn no one away - ha!), the oncologist called us to tell us the results which left me completely stunned and in shock.

james does not have cancer.

his scan looks (in the words of the oncologist) amazing, beautiful, really great, definitely different, unbelievable...nothing is worse, and everything is better. the largish mass that was remaining on the last scan is shrinking. there are a few remaining sections of inflamed lungs, but hugely decreased. the oncologist even used the word "gone" more than once to describe tumors, inflammation, etc. he sounded as high as a kite elated. he said "unbelievable" a couple of times. 

i told him i was just shocked because i thought for sure he was calling to say james had cancer. he said he was very happy to disappoint me with the news. *;) winking

james does not need any further scans (according to the oncologist) for another 4-6 months.

we will be following up with the pulmonologist & surgeon in the next few days to see what can be done with his symptoms.  (who knows but that will also include a GI guy looking at his esophagus....james didn't have GERD before cancer.)  ask that we have clear leading & direction as we continue to pursue james's total healing. 

in the meantime...feel free to join us in shouting the news from the rooftops. =)

we know this news doesn't mark the end of this whole journey...but we are thankful for the part you all played in praying for us, encouraging us, and keeping us focused on the goodness of God. i can only assume you'll keep it up until james is totally healthy. 

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