Friday, February 6, 2015

Back to Square One. Sort Of.

There's been a longish silence over here...mostly because there is not much to report, because for the most part, James's situation has not changed. 

He's still coughing. 

A year is a long time to cough. Even if you have cancer. Or maybe especially if you have cancer. (I mean, people who smoke cough for years and years and apparently it's not that bad.)

So we've gone back to James's doctors to see what can be done. Perhaps a lot. Or perhaps nothing. We are descending into prescribing allergy medicine (just in case there's any post-nasal drip?) and antacids (just in case there's some sort of acid reflux that James is not feeling?) This feels a bit like a descent into quackery, since both doctors believe quite strongly that James's cough is caused by radiation. But at the same time "we" don't want to stay on the one thing that has shown itself effective - prednisone - because of potential long term adverse affects. 

As one of them said yesterday, "We're good at what we're good at. We can keep trying stuff, but I'm not sure we'll fix it, and you're just going to get annoyed."  (Now that sounds like an appropriate diagnosis! Ha!)

The good news is two-fold. (You were starting to think there wasn't going to be any, weren't you?)

First, if you take the long view, James's cough is definitely better. Better than when he first started treatment (no comparison) and even better than before he started this last, most recent round of prednisone. The overall trajectory is heading towards health and wellness. Awesome. 

Second, James has been referred to a pulmonogist. We started this whole journey with a pulmonogist, so maybe this is a good sign, like when you return to start you win the game?! We can only hope. 

The appointment is next Tuesday, so please be in prayer for the doctor, that he would have wisdom in dealing with James's lungs. What James is experiencing is all within the realm of normal, but some relief in the form of healing would be a wonderful, longed for blessing.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for James and for us. Your concern and kindness are such a great source of encouragement to us! We are being given grace and faith in this time of waiting, and we are thankful. Let's all keep on, in hopeful, expectant faith that the God who has done great things will do many more, and will bring this to completion. 

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!
Psalm 31:24

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