Saturday, October 4, 2014

And we laughed...

A grandma, a black woman, and a Chinese guy walk into a waiting room...

Almost the start to a really good joke, no? (Never mind the white girl who's busy spilling her coffee on the hospital couch. She's just there for comedic effect...) 

Such was our life yesterday (Friday) as we waited for James's radiation appointment. When James started coughing (somewhat violently, though admittedly we are both getting a little immune to its severity), the black woman started audibly calling on Jesus. James's cough subsided and then the four of us ended up having a rather lovely conversation about God, cancer, and life when those things intersect. We were the only ones in the waiting room, and what happened there among us is probably difficult to understand for those who are not Christians. But, we rejoiced. We exalted God and what He is able to do in the midst of our greatest trials. We brought to mind how He graciously speaks to us in the midst of our deepest fears. We praised His almighty power to heal. We expressed gratitude for what He is already doing, and reminded each other of the peace we have as His children who have already been rescued, redeemed, and bought for eternity. We laughed. We, through faith, turned a depressing, sad little corner of the world and filled it with joy, hope, and love. 

It was, by far, the nicest time I've ever spent in a waiting room. I can only hope to enjoy more like it. Altogether not the worst way to spend a Friday.

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