Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reasons for Optimism

First, thank you all for your prayers, they have truly strengthened and encouraged us during this time. We are doing well; we understand the girls and the restaurant are also good. :)

We met with Dr. Theera this morning for some good news. First, he had been very concerned about James's x-ray bc it looked like lymph nodes were already affected. Great news - all clear on the latest x-ray. Awesome news.

Additionally, James's blood work is clear - no cancer markers present. Fabulous.

Finally, pathology says nothing to indicate cancer from the first biopsy. Sweet. All they can see is chronic inflammation.

Dr. Theera was so happy to see James's work come back looking so good. If possible, he was smiling even more than the first time we saw him.

We just saw a pulmonologist (who incidentally escaped from Ch!na in 1950, fascinating story, and spent 30 years in Cincinnati, less fascinating, LOL). He has James scheduled for a bronchoscopy tomorrow where he says, "this time we won't miss it. We will get a great sample." 

We asked what the possibilities are. He said we have no way to know until they get in there. Cancer remains a possibility, and our old friend TB is back on the table bc of where we life. Then he said, "Whatever it is, we can treat it for sure. It is so small." (Dr. Pulmonology shares Dr. Theera's buoyant optimism.) It does sound like surgery is most likely in James's near future - Dr. P wants to cut out whatever it is. Fun times. 

James will have the bronchoscopy on Thursday 3pm Thai time. Pray that they really do get a great sample for pathology to work with.. The bronchoscopy will most likely make James's coughing worse. It's very hard for James to get over his back pain with the cough. Ask that it doesn't make his coughing/back pain too severe.

We will return to Dr. Theera on Friday at 9am. Let's continue to ask that this is something weird and simple to treat - either with drugs or a knife. Let's continue to ask that it's not cancer. 

And, just because God can handle our selfish requests, I would like to be back in Dali on Sunday night at the latest; Lydia will start first grade on Monday morning at a local school. If our other prayers are answered, this one doesn't seem that outlandish. :)

Thanks so much, everyone. We so appreciate each and every one of you!

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